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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Shopping is helping me a bit

I'm trying to keep myself busy during the day, while waiting to hear my boyfriend and while sending my CV, but it's very hard.

This morning I woke up with the idea of doing shopping for myself and to take the chance to buy some stuffs which have something to do with my friend's wedding at the beginning of September.
I drove my car to the Hobby & Legno shop, which is quite close to the shopping centre where I used to work in 2004 and where I sent my job application in the past days.

I don't know why, but lately I'm inspired by stamping together with scrapbooking.
Well, today I found very nice rubber stamps and other great products. I felt guilty because I don't like to spent money when I don't work, but I ended up thinking that it'd be one of the possible methods to feel a bit better in this period, as my shopping is often strictly related to my hobbies, so it can keep my mind busy and creative at the same time.

I found some images of the products which I bought today, I spent almost 40 Euros, b,ut it's been worth the while.

wooden alphabet

3D stickers

paper flowers

heart-shaped chipboard album

rubber stamps

page decorations

Now I can't wait to prepare a nice card or a nice page for my friend's wedding, I absolutely need to think about different things in these days or I'll go crazy (it's such a hard period for me because everything is pending and unsure)!

Friday, August 08, 2008

I heartily suggest this great song

I'm trying to avoid to think too much, but it's almost impossible, so I decided to take inspiration from a wonderful song by one of the greatest Italian singers and I couldn't avoid to share this new song.

The singer is Jovanotti, he'd be Lorenzo Jovanotti, but in reality its real name is Lorenzo Cherubini and the special song is called "Fango" which means "Mud".
I decided to put here the video of the song and I translated the lyrics in English for you, I hope you'll enjoy it, for me it's really precious.
See you soon, ciao!

You can find the original lyrics here

(by Jovanotti - translated by Desi)

I know that I'm not alone
even when I'm alone
I know that I'm not alone
I know that I'm not alone
even when I'm alone

under a sky of stars and satellites
among the guilties, the victims and the survivors
a dog barks at the moon
a man looks at his hand
it seems his father's one
when he was a child
he held him as nothing and lifted him
the panorama was nice from the high
he launched into things before the thought
his hand was small but caught the whole world
now the city is a foreign movie without subtitles
the stairs to walk up are slides, slides, slides
the ice onto the things
the tv tells the streets are dangerous
but the unique danger which I really feel
is the one of being able to feel nothing anymore
the scent of the flowers, the smell of the city,
the sound of the scooters, the flavour of the pizza,
the tears of a mom, the ideas of a students,
the possible crosses in a square,
of staying with the antennas towards the sky
I know that I'm not alone

I know that I'm not alone
even when I'm alone
I know that I'm not alone
and I laugh and cry and I melt myself with the sky and the mud
I know that I'm not alone
even when I'm alone
I know that I'm not alone
and I laugh and cry and I melt myself with the sky and the mud

the city is a foreign movie without subtitles
a pot which cooks pieces of dialogues
how are you, how much is it, what time is it,
what's up, what do you say, who does believe it
and so see you
you feel alone at the part of the target
and you become a leper when you make a mistake
a sign of six metres says everything is around you
but you look around you and on the contrary there's nothing
an ancient world which is unite only thanks to the ones
who still have the courage of falling in love
and a music which pumps blood into the veins
and which gives the desire of waking up and getting up
stopping to complain
that the unique danger which you really feel
is the one of being able to feel nothing anymore
the beat of a heart into the chest,
the passion which makes a project grow,
the appetite, the thirst, the evolution in action,
the energy which is provoked in a contact

I know that I'm not alone
even when I'm alone
I know that I'm not alone
and I laugh and cry and I melt myself with the sky and the mud
I know that I'm not alone
even when I'm alone
I know that I'm not alone
and I laugh and cry and I melt myself with the sky and the mud

and I melt myself with the sky and the mud
and I melt myself with the sky and the mud

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Life goes on, what I need to do now

It's thundering outside, but only with dampness and without rain, as usually.
I'm totally unable to sleep, I'm not tired at all today or at least my mind provokes this feeling.

Yesterday evening I delivered my job application at the ipermarket where I used to work in 2004, it's situated just before Bologna in the Eastern part of the province; in the past I worked as cashier, but this time I want to be merchandiser, also with the help of one of my mother's friends who works for that company too, she uses to do the night shift and I really don't mind if it's necessary the same for me, on the contrary I think that it'd be nice to have spare time during the day.

Here it's a shot taken by a friend who works into the shopping centre too, but into a shop inside it and not into the ipermarket (that "bad building" behind the shopping carts is a parking with multiple floors, I don't like it at all, but at least it offers more space for cars):

shot by Always

In these days I also sent an application to become presenter for a very nice and new Italian company called "2BCrafty" which sells scrapbooking and stamping products, on September they'll start to interview the candidates and I really hope to be one of them, their products are very beautiful, I'd be delighted to present them and maybe I'd become also my first job...what a dream!!

I'd like to write a river of words and thoughts, but it seems that I'm not able to exteriorize nothing really important and interesting to read.

Thanks a lot to the ones who make me feel that I'm not alone and that I'm loved even if it's not possible to meet in person, I'd like to get even!!!

Have a nice time and see you as soon as possible with my news, a lot of kisses, ciao friends!


Thanks a lot, Nessa, I can't wait to pay and receive your great coloured kit which also includes a very beautiful pinky, I finally can have one of them too, hooray!!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Travel Voter will make you happy!

Today I want to let you discover a very nice website. If you are still undecided about where to travel in this period of the year, I am sure that will be able to help you!!

Travel Voter is a social travel bookmarking website and a travel content voting system; after a quick registration, people can submit their stories with all the suggestions about the place which they want to propose and they can be voted by readers if appreciated.

There you can find every sort of destination, they are recorded by category of travel, so that you will have a lot of choices for all your needs; for example, it is very easy to find stories about discount travels, prepaid visa travel card, travel deals, travel channel, air travel, travel insurance, travel tips, last minute travels, travel guides, cheap travels and so on.
The website also offers the tag cloud with the most searched words or sentences, I am sure it can be a very useful tool for the visitors.

Just under the widget which shows the visitors of the Travel Voter's community at MyBlogLog, it is great to discover a wonderful service, which is represented by the "watch Travel videos" link, it connects you with a nice selection of travel videos from Youtube.

What are you waiting for?
If you are deciding where to spend your summer vacation or your next winter holidays, run to visit Travel Voter and get informed on travel guides directly by people with this great social travel bookmarking.
I absolutely think that Travel Voter will make you happy!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Someone tried to ruin my life...and maybe succeeded

I have no words.
Yesterday early afternoon I discovered something which could change my future forever, even if I hope that it won't really happen, I feel so bad since yesterday, I didn't sleep, I didn't eat, I even felt sick into the bathroom for what I read.

My boyfriend's family found very bad entries in my Italian blog and thought the worst possible things about me, obviously.

I admit that during the past autumn and winter I expressed doubts about my future near them, but simply because I know that we're quite different and I had the fear to ruin everything with my boyfriend because of it. I admit it, but I've never even thought such bad things, neither about my worst enemy!!
Fortunately my boyfriend, after a total day of silence from him and his family, sent me some examples of what he read with his family in some old entries of my Italian blog and, when I started with the first page, I immediately realized that not all the sentences came from myself, someone had surely access to my account and added a lot of hate.
I'm not able to vomit that kind of insults to anyone and lately I was also happier and happier to move, because I felt better with my future parents-in-law and thinking about my new life in Piedmont (I guess you too read this changement in my latest posts)!

Today I hope to have the chance to talk directly to my boyfriend and to his family, to tell them all the truth. I don't want to see 4+ years ruined because of someone else's mental disorder, I didn't write all that cr*p.

I want to move and go on, starting again my life with my boyfriend and mixing with his family, but I don't know if it'll be really possible, I hope they'll believe me and will give me a opportunity.
My boyfriend suggested me to leave for Belgium in any case, then we'll decide what to do with our relationship, but obviously I couldn't imagine to travel in this situation (I'm so sorry, Isolde).
I feel so bad now, please God listen to me!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Waiting to travel and move + HerProBlog opportunity

Summer is going so fast!
We're still waiting for the kitchen sink, while the 4 doors arrived...evidently they're not able to send everything good, as one of them is lightly scraped in a corner, but my boyfriend tells that it's almost invisible as that door of the kitchen will be placed in the upper part.
Anyway, I can't wait to move to start my "works" into the flat, I mean other renovations, decorations and so on; I'm already getting inspiration from bloggers who write abou their home, their photos are very interesting and useful. I can't believe yet that it'll be our own "home sweet home".

About my personal life, on the contrary, I have to say that I started to cooperate as co-author for HerProBlog, it's a place made by and for women who want to network and also to get the best for their online business, such as great suggestions to start blogging with profit, marketing and SEO tips, online resources, interviews and so on.

I'm very proud of my tasks, which are the ones of the section called "Discovery and Reviews", I'll share that place with another great blogger, we'll discover and review nice women's blogs, so...

LITTLE ANNOUNCEMENT: if you want to send the submission, we'll be happy to write our articles about your blog, you have to be active online for at least 1 year and passionate about blogging, but it doesn't mind the topic of your blog, the more you're varied and the more the community will become interesting; just fill in this form, we'll be informed and soon we'll write the reviews.

Another nice news item is that on July 30th I'll leave for Belgium with my parents by camper van and we'll come back on August 11th, I'm so much excited.
The bad part is the fact that my parents want to spend their summer vacation only in the Western and Eastern Flanders, so we won't visit any other region of that Country because we don't have enough time; what a pity, but I'm sure that I'll have other chances to be in Belgium, I'll try again to visit it soon.

Well, for now I don't have nothing else to report, but I'll surely update before my departure and I hope to have the time to create at least another layout before the end of this month.
Have a nice time and see you soon, ciao my friends!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

28th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge

Even if during this week I was busy, today I found some moments to scrap and voilà my creation for the 28th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge, this time scrappers had to prepare a page with free topic, but using material such as tissue, cork and so on.

I chosed to use two postcards of Bologna, which I bought some months ago from a newsdealer just with the idea of using them for a layout.

The title recalls, in Italian, my latest entry at "TheItalianVoice" blog, I wrote an hilarious and educational list of points to use about "How to know that you live in Bologna or province, Italy".

I didn't write the journaling, because I used some scraps where I've written some of the points of my list.

About the material, I used a sort of "flowering" vellum paper by Esprimo (line of paper napkins for découpage) which I glued in the central part of the page and some flowers in felt by Equatoriale and in tissue by Stamperia; I also used the green glittered powder by Country Decor with the glue to create some sparkling doodlings, two paper clips, two green letters of the alphabet (die cut style) and a flower-shaped brad by Stamperia.

A couple of details of the page:

Now I'm a bit in a hurry, but in the next days I'll tell you some nice news. Have a nice Sunday afternoon and evening and see you soon, ciao!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bradaga for your Heavenly Sleeps

photo by Mister Rad

Today I was looking for websites which sell products for the house and I made another nice discovery and I think it is really worth the while to share it with the ones of you who live in the USA: Bragada, which sell the high quality Memory Foam Matresses.

The layout of the website is very clear and easy to browse.
The predominant part, which is the central one, is dedicated to the images and the sections of the great choice of beds, as well as other nice products such as toppers and pillows.
In the above and below parts there is a sort of map of the website, which devides it in 4 topics with several sub-items, so that customers can quickly and easily find what they are looking for.
The last part in the bottom of the home page is dedicated to the introduction of the great products by Bragada and their features.

Browing the products, I was attracted in particular by a wonderful variety offered by Bragada: the Adjustable Beds; they are extraordinary beds with a special curved shapes which support the normal posture and prevent from muscle strains and ailments due to discomfort.

A great section of the website which is worth to be mentioned shows the comparison between Tempurpedic and Bragada Brand; in fact, it enumerates several points which clearly guarantee the higher quality of the Bragada Beds, even if Tempuredic has been the very first famous brand of mattresses, because Bragada offers a lifetime warranty and affordable prices, as well as over 45 years of experience and the unique licence of holding the Orthopedic Research Seal.

Bragada proposes a nice choice about shipping; the options are standard delivery (which is free for a limited time), gold delivery and platinum delivery and it is allowed anywhere in the 48 States and also in Alaska and Hawaii with a nominal fee.

In conclusion, I have been enamoured by the wide choice of beds which Bragada offers, I wish I could live in the USA to try their high quality and professional services, but you who can...I heartily suggest to buy them and to relax completely in your bedrooms with them!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Yay, the first part of the relocation is done!

Unfortunately this week I didn't have time for scrapbooking, this means no layouts for the 2008 Scrap Challenge, but I'm here to tell you about the first part of the relocation which we did yesterday. Hooray, I can't believe it!

I prepared a detailed reportage of the day =) , because I want to share everything with you, my friends. So enjoy my mosaics and the story!!

On Saturday July 5th we woke up at 3:30 am to meet 1 hour later and leave with the delivery van (loaded on Friday afternoon) and the car.

Here I took some pics onto the car along the highway towards the flat in Novi Ligure (province of Alessandria, Italy): my mother driving, my boyfriend next to me, my uncle sleeping next to my mother and in front of us the delivery van with my foster father and his colleague (you can see it in small size in the 3rd pic).

After unloading our stuffs from the delivery van, men started to assemble the new kitchen, while my mother and I drove to the Ikea Store in Genoa (Italy) to ask for a replacement of 4 doors which arrived already damaged, they'll delivery them in a week at the new flat.
I love all this green everywhere onto the mountains between the 2 regions of Piedmont and Liguria.

Here you can see a piece of the new kitchen by Ikea and the part behind our block of flats.

We all worked at the assemblage of the kitchen at the new flat.
We had a quick lunch with pizza, salted croissants and croquettes of potatoes in the balcony onto some cardboards of the package because there're no chairs into the flat yet and we assembled the major part of the kitchen, not completely because they still need to deliver the kitchen sink and 4 doors which arrived damaged and will be replaced.

Yesterday my parents were happy of seeing my future city and flat for the very first time, they said that everything is nice and now they're more serene about my future life over there, they also met my future mother-in-law and my future brother-in-law (still 2 to go, future father-in-law and future sister-in-law, they weren't home at that moment).
I'm satisfied about their positive reactions, now I'm more serene too.

Now we only have to wait for the doors and the kitchen sink, we'll probably go again at the new flat in 2-3 weeks, just before leaving for Belgium.
About this last topic, you can imagine my excitement and sense of anticipation, I always love to plan my trips, in addition I've never visited that Country and I'll meet my friends there!!

I couldn't foresee a summer like this one, now I feel so blessed to live it in this way before the final relocation, it's so much true that everything comes at the right moment =)
Have a nice Sunday evening and a positive beginning of week, see you in the next days, ciao!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Party Pro for all your parties

Today I discovered a very nice website which helps you to organize your special events with fantastic Party Supplies at great discounts: I am talking about Party Pro.

The layout of the website is clear and pleasant at the eye, it surely promotes an enjoyable visit at the nine different warehouses which are defined by colours: green, red, platinum, gold, white, lavender, orange, blue and yellow.
Each warehouse supplies a wide choice of themes at very interesting discounts according to the kind of event that you want to plan, from birthday parties (see for example the nice section of the Birthday Party Supplies) to anniversary, from patriotic events to retirement celebrations, from Valentine Day to 70's parties and so on; in this way no one is left behind, everybody can be finally satisfied by the Party Pro's big variety of offers.

In the home page, the Party Pro's team presents a selection of the latest releases, of the new arrivals and of the biggest discount opportunities, for this latest great service you can simply reach the section called Discount Party Supplies; then in each section, it is possible to delve into the details of the offers.

I wanted to check the prices of several products in different sections and I must admit that they are always honest and very affordable, it is perfect for every kind of customers, from young ones to seniors who have different needs.

Another great news item is that the shipping is free for orders over $50 within 48 States (for the Green non-bulk Warehouse only) and delivered in the U.S. from 7 to 11 days with the chance to use UPS Next Day service if you need a quicker delivery.
For people like me, who live outside the U.S., the orders are available also from abroad with shipping charges based upon the weight and the size of the package and obviously the distance.

Something which I always look for in a nice website is the opportunity for retailers and resellers to cooperate and Party Pro offers all this and even more; in fact, it is possible to join their affiliate programs too with a great service of total customization of the offers which you want to add into your websites.

In conclusion, the website of Party Pro offers the widest choice of supplies of the web with great discounts, I heartily suggest you to rely on that wonderful team for every sort of your parties because their company is really honest and trusty and always meets your needs to offer you memorable events in your life.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Enjoying life and exciting news for August

I'm living very stressful days because of the upcoming first part of the relocation, because the new Ikea kitchen arrived ahead of its time at the new flat and part of the furniture had manufacturing faults so that, during the day of the first part of the relocation, my mother and I will go to the Ikea Store in Genoa to substituted the damaged pieces.
In addition, the old tubes of our bathroom here are causing again problems, in fact they provoked another leak at the neighbours' ceiling beneath and now the water is completely closed into the bathroom to understand where's the problem (I hope it isn't into the kitchen here) and I can't use it, plus my boyfriend will come tomorrow for a week; fortunately, my parents live two block of flats ahead us, every time we need it we'll have to use their bathroom...unbelievable!
In all this bad situation, these infernal hot temperatures evidently weren't enough!

Anyway, I decided to take it easy, because life is good and I'm young, don't you think? I guess this is the right mood to face my days, otherwise I'd really crack!!
Today, after a moment of confusion and a few little tears, I put on my new big pair of sunglasses and smiled at me into the mirror =) Hahaha, am I a trendy girl?

I also have another wonderful news item to tell you, which made me feel so much excited and I really hope it'll become true.
My mother and foster father will be on holiday from July 30th to August 17th and in the first 10 days of their vacation will travel to Northern France and Belgium. If the works at the new flat won't be finished yet, which I guess so because the kitchen is almost ready but not the other rooms yet, I'll......go with them!!!!!!!
I've never been to Belgium and for me it'll be a great opportunity to visit that Country, but especially to meet my friends =) how exciting!!
I think immediately about my dear Isolde, but also about Nessa and all the other scrappers who I met thanks to this blog, I'd be happy to know you in person and to chat/laugh/walk/scrap a lot, so please let me know if you'll be available for a meeting at the beginning of August.

Now I really have to go, I want to pack something else into the boxes for the upcoming relocation and it's almost time for dinner. Have a nice beginning of week and see you soon, ciao my friends!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

26th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge

Wow, this time I'm super fast with my creation for the 26th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge, but I must admit that in the past days I prepared a layout which suited perfectly with this week's theme, so why not?

In this weekly challenge, scrappers have to prepare a page about someone who lately brought them happiness.

I chosed to use a print which I received (twice in error) via mail some months ago from a religious association, it's a photographic reproduction of the pilgrim statue of the Madonna of Fatima which cried miraculously in New Orleans in 1972 (oh my, was it a prediction of the cataclism due to the Katrina hurricane?).
I also added the pic which I uploaded some days ago on Flickr to report an exceptional fact which occured at our new flat (see here for the whole story).

The title shows all my gratitude to Mary, telling in Italian "Thanks M", I created it with the white rounded letters by Stamperia and Her handwritten initial.

In the journaling, I wrote: "June 2008 - Thanks Mother, you presented us a wonderful gift, leaving a Rosary in our future flat, it's surely a signal of Your love and Your protection!".

I used several little pink flowers by Stamperia to surround the journaling, plus a wonderful flower of fabric and a nice heart-shaped gumshape which were part of the swap of June 2008 which I received from chiaweb (organized by "la bottega delle artigiane", an Italian Flickr group), together with a sort of white vellum paper for the bottom part of the page and a rose doodling.

Now the usual couple of details of my layout.

I hope you enjoyed my submission.
See you later and have a nice beginning of week, ciao my friends!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shopping mood for scrapbooking and flat

On Friday morning I had my car's revision and fortunately all was ok, I didn't want to pay again a lot of money like two years ago.

After that, I went to visit a hobby store near Bologna which sells also furniture for the house. Yep, we're still looking for the right kitchen sink!
Tommaso says that the one in ceramic is too fragil, he'd like to buy a sink in granitek, but we need to look for the best price because we obviously don't want to spend money without reasons.
Anyway, I found something at the Hobby&Legno store, the seller said that it'll take at least 3 weeks to get it because they have to order it so, when my boyfriend comes home during the first week of July, we'll have to decide what to do.

When I was into the store, I discovered something wonderful: a special area dedicated to scrapbooking!!! Can you imagine my joy?
You know, I used to visit two shops which sold scrapbooking products, one near me and one in Bologna, but both of them closed lately and I was just wondering where I'll make my purchases; yes, I can always order them online, but I guess it'd be better to look at them directly and to choose them personally.
So I didn't have to buy nothing on Friday morning, but I couldn't resist and spent €34 in scrapbooking products, hihihih =)
These ones are my purchases:

The following papers have the peculiarity to be double-face, they're very beautiful, but until today I wondered how could I use all them without losing something...well, today I realized that, if I put all the layouts into the page protectors as usually, I can simply use both of their faces to scrap, so that I'll have immediately 2 layouts to put into a page protector every idea!
Here it comes first one face and then the other one of the same papers:

Now I'm thinking that I'll absolutely have to buy at least a box where to store all my ready-to-use layouts; I don't need anything else, because I already have a roller cab and two boxes for the other products, but they're not enough large to store the 30x30 layouts.
The basic idea is to buy something at the Ikea store obviously, this morning I looked up the website and I found different solutions, but I'm not sure about the best one.
What would you choose for yourself? Maybe the last one which is open and can store every size of paper....

Kassett (it'd be a clothes box)

Lingo (it'd be a box for the office)

Spontan (it'd be a magazine rack)

I'll think about it, but I'd really appreciate your opinion, I'm so much indecisive =P

I really have to go now, have a nice end of weekend and see you soon, ciao!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

25th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge

I can't believe that I've been able to scrap a couple of days ago, I've missed it so badly!!

So here I am with my new layout for the 25th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge.
Scrappers had to prepare an A4 page including also flowers.

I chosed to print a photo which I took some weeks ago in my future city, Novi Ligure (province of Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy).

The title is obviously dedicated to its name.

In the journaling, I wrote: "June 2008 - Soon the much waited future will become reality, I wait for knowing my new city =)".
The photo shows the Church of the Collegiata of Santa Maria Maggiore downtown (shown better here).

I used several little printed flowers, plus a printed button, a printed butterfly, a printed curly bracket, a printed little star, a printed sun, two printed corners with buttons. I also used two heart-shaped brads by Artoz, a pink wavy ribbon by Madéko, seven metallic stars, a scrap of a letter, I cut a cloud-shaped scrap where to glue the two handwritten words of "future" and "life".

In the pic, the pink ribbon seems oblique, but it isn't in reality, it only appears in that way because I didn't take the photo properly =P

Now just a couple of details about my layout and see you later for other updates...yes, today I really want to be productive ;)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Our kitchen is finally ordered!

Hi friends,

today I have a big news item to report and to share with you, I'm so much excited: our kitchen is finally ordered!!

On Friday and Saturday, my boyfriend and I prepared the kitchen plan with the Ikea Planner which we found on their website, we defined all the details and I wrote all the notes to ask to the operator.
Yesterday morning, as my boyfriend was in Novi Ligure, I went to order the kitchen with my parents at the Ikea Store near Bologna because they wanted to help us buying something as a present for our new life.
The woman who helped me with the order was very kind and quick, I really appreciated her.
She told me that they'll deliver the order to the Ikea Store in Genoa and they'll send it directly to our new flat, so that we won't have problems for the transport from here to there.
And you know when will it be ready? On June 30th or so!!
I guessed to see it delivered later, as the operator who talked to us some weeks ago told that the kitchens are usually prepared in one month and not before that moment.
Anyway, they'll call us to decide the exact day of the delivery and luckily it'd be the same one of the first part of the relocation (with the non-basic objects, as I'll be here in my flat again for a few weeks).

Just about the first part of the relocation, my foster father hired some of his friends and colleagues on it, they'll offer us a delivery van for free and a help with the assembling of the furniture.
My boyfriend will be on holiday here during the first week of the next month, during which we'll prepare the non-basic objects into boxes and part of the furniture which we already have, then this moment of the first part of the relocation will occur on July 5th when my parents will have their days off and will help us to carry everything to Novi Ligure.

This will be a very very busy period for me too, as in the next couple of weeks I'll have to decide what it's fundamental to have here and what's not anymore, but I can do it for sure =)

Now about the kitchen. Are you curious??

I don't know if I already told you, but we changed the style of the kitchen. We wanted to buy (and sorry if I don't write it properly, but I don't have the Swedish keyboard) the Solar one, which was more linear and easy to wash, but we ended up choosing the Lidingo one, which is more classical....oh well, but absolutely in white!! All the other furniture can be very coloured, but I don't compromise about the kitchen, as I'll be almost the unique user. I love it in white, it enlightens a lot the room and that's what we need =D !!

These are some of the items which we ordered yesterday for our kitchen:

Doors of the furniture: Lidingo

Working plan: Numerar Oak

Cooktop: Lagan GH 130 W (white)

Oven: Nutid Ovn 900 W by Whirlpool

Extractor fan: Lufting H00 B00 W

Tap: Bagvik

You obviosly noticed that our kitchen is in lack of an important piece, which is the kitchen sink. Well, we still have to decide what to buy. The problem was that..yes, I liked the ones which I saw at the Ikea Store, but the ones in white don't have the surface where to put the dishes on to drip (I don't know the exact name). So in the next days I'll go to see something into other furniture stores around here, maybe looking for one in ceramic or in granitek.

About the fridge, you know that we already have it in blue and used it less than one year when we lived in Imola, so we'll employ it again as it's still very new, maybe I'll take a photo about it in the next days.

Yesterday we also found a nice middle-size bed for the guests room (without the mattress) and the best part is that we spent less than € 50 because it was a special offer as clearance item.

I'm so much excited that I'd like to create soon a new layout about this great moment or at least a digital one to report our joy and feeling of anticipation to see our flat ameliorating and our new life finally approaching!!

Now I really have to go, but stay tuned for more news. Have a nice beginning of week and talk to you later, ciao!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Discovering MommyBa's Journey

I recently joined a new opportunity offered by Smorty and I wanted to start immediately: it's the Post Exchange. People write review about others' posts and someone does the same with your blog. I think this is a fantastic opportunity to find great blog and to know friends all around the world!

Today I just discovered MommyBa's Journey.

MommyBa is a stay-at-home mom from Manila (Philippines), writing her daily tasks, dealing with daily problems as a mom, of a woman and of a wife, trying to look at the positive side of every single fact of her life, learning new perspectives about life, looking for nice opportunities to tell her opinions and to succeed in online earnings, enjoying tests and useful website reviews.

The first effect which I had opening the window with her blog was the one of visiting a very neat place, I'm sure it also reflects her way of thinking and living.
Reading her posts, I found a mild pleasant way of writing, with really effective titles for entries.
I love her digital signature at the end of every entry, it's made with a familiar font.
The appearence of this blog gives the idea that the owner is surely someone who gives room to communication, also thanks to a Twitter widget where to follow her every day and a Cbox tagboard where to read and leave comments in freedom.
For me the best comes with the entry written on April 9th, 2008: MommyBa wrote about her scrapbooking creations! I just found another woman with my same passion, it's incredible.
In fact, in the left upper part of her blog, she added the link to her digiscraps, that's how I discovered a fantastic digiscrapper who create wonderful digital layouts in a very girlish style!

I'm very happy about this "pay dirt", I absolutely have to contact MommyBa to share life experiences and scrapbooking ideas, I found her blog very familiar and friendly.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Who I am

Here I am for a brief introduction.

I'm Desi, 27 y.o. Italian girl, I live in a small town in province of Bologna - Italy.
I'm engaged with a 29 y.o. Sicilian boy who is currently working in Genova as engine driver, we used to live together but, since they moved him in the region of Liguria with his job, we're looking for a flat in low Piedmont...the destiny will play for us and the Italian railways too.
In the past years I worked as owner of a shop of fruits&vegetables, as cashier of an ipermarket and as saleswoman of a shop into an outlet factory store. Since my boyfriend had to move and I've remained here alone for the major part of the week, I wanted to find a work-at-home job to have the opportunity to meet him at least at the minimum needful (once a week or every two weeks); that's why I become web writer, freelance translator (Ita-Eng and vice versa), freelance photographer, mystery shopper, online classes sales agent and I'm becoming scrapbooking consultant. In the future I really hope to be hired also as travel agent.

The reason for this blog

I've decided to create this blog as in a few weeks I'll become scrapbooking consultant, so in this way I can stay in touch with colleagues, scrappers and friends from all over the world.
Get ready to share ideas, knowledges, projects and so on!

Happy New Year for now from Italy and see you soon,


Coming soon

Coming soon...