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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Yay, the first part of the relocation is done!

Unfortunately this week I didn't have time for scrapbooking, this means no layouts for the 2008 Scrap Challenge, but I'm here to tell you about the first part of the relocation which we did yesterday. Hooray, I can't believe it!

I prepared a detailed reportage of the day =) , because I want to share everything with you, my friends. So enjoy my mosaics and the story!!

On Saturday July 5th we woke up at 3:30 am to meet 1 hour later and leave with the delivery van (loaded on Friday afternoon) and the car.

Here I took some pics onto the car along the highway towards the flat in Novi Ligure (province of Alessandria, Italy): my mother driving, my boyfriend next to me, my uncle sleeping next to my mother and in front of us the delivery van with my foster father and his colleague (you can see it in small size in the 3rd pic).

After unloading our stuffs from the delivery van, men started to assemble the new kitchen, while my mother and I drove to the Ikea Store in Genoa (Italy) to ask for a replacement of 4 doors which arrived already damaged, they'll delivery them in a week at the new flat.
I love all this green everywhere onto the mountains between the 2 regions of Piedmont and Liguria.

Here you can see a piece of the new kitchen by Ikea and the part behind our block of flats.

We all worked at the assemblage of the kitchen at the new flat.
We had a quick lunch with pizza, salted croissants and croquettes of potatoes in the balcony onto some cardboards of the package because there're no chairs into the flat yet and we assembled the major part of the kitchen, not completely because they still need to deliver the kitchen sink and 4 doors which arrived damaged and will be replaced.

Yesterday my parents were happy of seeing my future city and flat for the very first time, they said that everything is nice and now they're more serene about my future life over there, they also met my future mother-in-law and my future brother-in-law (still 2 to go, future father-in-law and future sister-in-law, they weren't home at that moment).
I'm satisfied about their positive reactions, now I'm more serene too.

Now we only have to wait for the doors and the kitchen sink, we'll probably go again at the new flat in 2-3 weeks, just before leaving for Belgium.
About this last topic, you can imagine my excitement and sense of anticipation, I always love to plan my trips, in addition I've never visited that Country and I'll meet my friends there!!

I couldn't foresee a summer like this one, now I feel so blessed to live it in this way before the final relocation, it's so much true that everything comes at the right moment =)
Have a nice Sunday evening and a positive beginning of week, see you in the next days, ciao!


Franny said...

coucou ma dési, je vois que pour vous ça se précise, je trouve ta cuisine magnifique j'avais la même ou presque de chez ikéa quand je vivais à paris
merci pour les paysages italiens je suis fan
je n'ai pas beaucoup le temps de scrapper non plus , j'essaye de ne pas rater scrap challenge 2008 mais c'est dur
nous sommes toujours dans l'attente de la réponse pour le crédit j'espère que ça ne tardera plus
je t'embrasse fort
bonne installation dans votre nouveau foyer

sollie said...

Like I said when we were chatting, I really love your kitchen. Can't wait till we meet in August!
Love, Isolde