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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Waiting to travel and move + HerProBlog opportunity

Summer is going so fast!
We're still waiting for the kitchen sink, while the 4 doors arrived...evidently they're not able to send everything good, as one of them is lightly scraped in a corner, but my boyfriend tells that it's almost invisible as that door of the kitchen will be placed in the upper part.
Anyway, I can't wait to move to start my "works" into the flat, I mean other renovations, decorations and so on; I'm already getting inspiration from bloggers who write abou their home, their photos are very interesting and useful. I can't believe yet that it'll be our own "home sweet home".

About my personal life, on the contrary, I have to say that I started to cooperate as co-author for HerProBlog, it's a place made by and for women who want to network and also to get the best for their online business, such as great suggestions to start blogging with profit, marketing and SEO tips, online resources, interviews and so on.

I'm very proud of my tasks, which are the ones of the section called "Discovery and Reviews", I'll share that place with another great blogger, we'll discover and review nice women's blogs, so...

LITTLE ANNOUNCEMENT: if you want to send the submission, we'll be happy to write our articles about your blog, you have to be active online for at least 1 year and passionate about blogging, but it doesn't mind the topic of your blog, the more you're varied and the more the community will become interesting; just fill in this form, we'll be informed and soon we'll write the reviews.

Another nice news item is that on July 30th I'll leave for Belgium with my parents by camper van and we'll come back on August 11th, I'm so much excited.
The bad part is the fact that my parents want to spend their summer vacation only in the Western and Eastern Flanders, so we won't visit any other region of that Country because we don't have enough time; what a pity, but I'm sure that I'll have other chances to be in Belgium, I'll try again to visit it soon.

Well, for now I don't have nothing else to report, but I'll surely update before my departure and I hope to have the time to create at least another layout before the end of this month.
Have a nice time and see you soon, ciao my friends!


sollie said...

Haha, I can see my city on the map! Do you already know what day you will come to Ieper?
Love, Isolde

sollie said...

Hi Desi, Tuesday is a bit difficult for me as Eric has off at noon till 4.30 pm. Wednesday is better.