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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Party Pro for all your parties

Today I discovered a very nice website which helps you to organize your special events with fantastic Party Supplies at great discounts: I am talking about Party Pro.

The layout of the website is clear and pleasant at the eye, it surely promotes an enjoyable visit at the nine different warehouses which are defined by colours: green, red, platinum, gold, white, lavender, orange, blue and yellow.
Each warehouse supplies a wide choice of themes at very interesting discounts according to the kind of event that you want to plan, from birthday parties (see for example the nice section of the Birthday Party Supplies) to anniversary, from patriotic events to retirement celebrations, from Valentine Day to 70's parties and so on; in this way no one is left behind, everybody can be finally satisfied by the Party Pro's big variety of offers.

In the home page, the Party Pro's team presents a selection of the latest releases, of the new arrivals and of the biggest discount opportunities, for this latest great service you can simply reach the section called Discount Party Supplies; then in each section, it is possible to delve into the details of the offers.

I wanted to check the prices of several products in different sections and I must admit that they are always honest and very affordable, it is perfect for every kind of customers, from young ones to seniors who have different needs.

Another great news item is that the shipping is free for orders over $50 within 48 States (for the Green non-bulk Warehouse only) and delivered in the U.S. from 7 to 11 days with the chance to use UPS Next Day service if you need a quicker delivery.
For people like me, who live outside the U.S., the orders are available also from abroad with shipping charges based upon the weight and the size of the package and obviously the distance.

Something which I always look for in a nice website is the opportunity for retailers and resellers to cooperate and Party Pro offers all this and even more; in fact, it is possible to join their affiliate programs too with a great service of total customization of the offers which you want to add into your websites.

In conclusion, the website of Party Pro offers the widest choice of supplies of the web with great discounts, I heartily suggest you to rely on that wonderful team for every sort of your parties because their company is really honest and trusty and always meets your needs to offer you memorable events in your life.

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sollie said...

Hi Desi, I'm finally online again. The end of the schoolyear was hectic. This week I need to do some visits to the parents of my students for next year. I hope to be online one of these days. Do you already know when you will visit Belgium? This will be lots of fun.
xxx, Isolde