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Monday, June 16, 2008

Our kitchen is finally ordered!

Hi friends,

today I have a big news item to report and to share with you, I'm so much excited: our kitchen is finally ordered!!

On Friday and Saturday, my boyfriend and I prepared the kitchen plan with the Ikea Planner which we found on their website, we defined all the details and I wrote all the notes to ask to the operator.
Yesterday morning, as my boyfriend was in Novi Ligure, I went to order the kitchen with my parents at the Ikea Store near Bologna because they wanted to help us buying something as a present for our new life.
The woman who helped me with the order was very kind and quick, I really appreciated her.
She told me that they'll deliver the order to the Ikea Store in Genoa and they'll send it directly to our new flat, so that we won't have problems for the transport from here to there.
And you know when will it be ready? On June 30th or so!!
I guessed to see it delivered later, as the operator who talked to us some weeks ago told that the kitchens are usually prepared in one month and not before that moment.
Anyway, they'll call us to decide the exact day of the delivery and luckily it'd be the same one of the first part of the relocation (with the non-basic objects, as I'll be here in my flat again for a few weeks).

Just about the first part of the relocation, my foster father hired some of his friends and colleagues on it, they'll offer us a delivery van for free and a help with the assembling of the furniture.
My boyfriend will be on holiday here during the first week of the next month, during which we'll prepare the non-basic objects into boxes and part of the furniture which we already have, then this moment of the first part of the relocation will occur on July 5th when my parents will have their days off and will help us to carry everything to Novi Ligure.

This will be a very very busy period for me too, as in the next couple of weeks I'll have to decide what it's fundamental to have here and what's not anymore, but I can do it for sure =)

Now about the kitchen. Are you curious??

I don't know if I already told you, but we changed the style of the kitchen. We wanted to buy (and sorry if I don't write it properly, but I don't have the Swedish keyboard) the Solar one, which was more linear and easy to wash, but we ended up choosing the Lidingo one, which is more classical....oh well, but absolutely in white!! All the other furniture can be very coloured, but I don't compromise about the kitchen, as I'll be almost the unique user. I love it in white, it enlightens a lot the room and that's what we need =D !!

These are some of the items which we ordered yesterday for our kitchen:

Doors of the furniture: Lidingo

Working plan: Numerar Oak

Cooktop: Lagan GH 130 W (white)

Oven: Nutid Ovn 900 W by Whirlpool

Extractor fan: Lufting H00 B00 W

Tap: Bagvik

You obviosly noticed that our kitchen is in lack of an important piece, which is the kitchen sink. Well, we still have to decide what to buy. The problem was that..yes, I liked the ones which I saw at the Ikea Store, but the ones in white don't have the surface where to put the dishes on to drip (I don't know the exact name). So in the next days I'll go to see something into other furniture stores around here, maybe looking for one in ceramic or in granitek.

About the fridge, you know that we already have it in blue and used it less than one year when we lived in Imola, so we'll employ it again as it's still very new, maybe I'll take a photo about it in the next days.

Yesterday we also found a nice middle-size bed for the guests room (without the mattress) and the best part is that we spent less than € 50 because it was a special offer as clearance item.

I'm so much excited that I'd like to create soon a new layout about this great moment or at least a digital one to report our joy and feeling of anticipation to see our flat ameliorating and our new life finally approaching!!

Now I really have to go, but stay tuned for more news. Have a nice beginning of week and talk to you later, ciao!!!


sollie said...

Congratulations on buying your new kitchen. You must be so excited! Waw, maybe you will visit Belgium. That would be great!
xxx, Isolde

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