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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Life goes on, what I need to do now

It's thundering outside, but only with dampness and without rain, as usually.
I'm totally unable to sleep, I'm not tired at all today or at least my mind provokes this feeling.

Yesterday evening I delivered my job application at the ipermarket where I used to work in 2004, it's situated just before Bologna in the Eastern part of the province; in the past I worked as cashier, but this time I want to be merchandiser, also with the help of one of my mother's friends who works for that company too, she uses to do the night shift and I really don't mind if it's necessary the same for me, on the contrary I think that it'd be nice to have spare time during the day.

Here it's a shot taken by a friend who works into the shopping centre too, but into a shop inside it and not into the ipermarket (that "bad building" behind the shopping carts is a parking with multiple floors, I don't like it at all, but at least it offers more space for cars):

shot by Always

In these days I also sent an application to become presenter for a very nice and new Italian company called "2BCrafty" which sells scrapbooking and stamping products, on September they'll start to interview the candidates and I really hope to be one of them, their products are very beautiful, I'd be delighted to present them and maybe I'd become also my first job...what a dream!!

I'd like to write a river of words and thoughts, but it seems that I'm not able to exteriorize nothing really important and interesting to read.

Thanks a lot to the ones who make me feel that I'm not alone and that I'm loved even if it's not possible to meet in person, I'd like to get even!!!

Have a nice time and see you as soon as possible with my news, a lot of kisses, ciao friends!


Thanks a lot, Nessa, I can't wait to pay and receive your great coloured kit which also includes a very beautiful pinky, I finally can have one of them too, hooray!!!


sollie said...

Sweet Desi, I really hope you can solve things out with Tomasso. I'll cross my fingers for your job applications.
Hugs, Isolde

Desi said...

@ Sollie: Thanks a lot my dear, for everything, I hope the same, I want to see my life finally starting again and I want it with him!!!
I hope things are ok with the relocation, I can't wait to see the first pics of your new house, my best wishes!!!