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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bradaga for your Heavenly Sleeps

photo by Mister Rad

Today I was looking for websites which sell products for the house and I made another nice discovery and I think it is really worth the while to share it with the ones of you who live in the USA: Bragada, which sell the high quality Memory Foam Matresses.

The layout of the website is very clear and easy to browse.
The predominant part, which is the central one, is dedicated to the images and the sections of the great choice of beds, as well as other nice products such as toppers and pillows.
In the above and below parts there is a sort of map of the website, which devides it in 4 topics with several sub-items, so that customers can quickly and easily find what they are looking for.
The last part in the bottom of the home page is dedicated to the introduction of the great products by Bragada and their features.

Browing the products, I was attracted in particular by a wonderful variety offered by Bragada: the Adjustable Beds; they are extraordinary beds with a special curved shapes which support the normal posture and prevent from muscle strains and ailments due to discomfort.

A great section of the website which is worth to be mentioned shows the comparison between Tempurpedic and Bragada Brand; in fact, it enumerates several points which clearly guarantee the higher quality of the Bragada Beds, even if Tempuredic has been the very first famous brand of mattresses, because Bragada offers a lifetime warranty and affordable prices, as well as over 45 years of experience and the unique licence of holding the Orthopedic Research Seal.

Bragada proposes a nice choice about shipping; the options are standard delivery (which is free for a limited time), gold delivery and platinum delivery and it is allowed anywhere in the 48 States and also in Alaska and Hawaii with a nominal fee.

In conclusion, I have been enamoured by the wide choice of beds which Bragada offers, I wish I could live in the USA to try their high quality and professional services, but you who can...I heartily suggest to buy them and to relax completely in your bedrooms with them!!


sollie said...

Desi, I don't think that I can make it at that hour. I'll go to the pub for some cleaning. But I will be online later today perhaps maybe till midnight or so. Otherwise I'm here tomorrow.
Love, Isolde

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