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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Discovering MommyBa's Journey

I recently joined a new opportunity offered by Smorty and I wanted to start immediately: it's the Post Exchange. People write review about others' posts and someone does the same with your blog. I think this is a fantastic opportunity to find great blog and to know friends all around the world!

Today I just discovered MommyBa's Journey.

MommyBa is a stay-at-home mom from Manila (Philippines), writing her daily tasks, dealing with daily problems as a mom, of a woman and of a wife, trying to look at the positive side of every single fact of her life, learning new perspectives about life, looking for nice opportunities to tell her opinions and to succeed in online earnings, enjoying tests and useful website reviews.

The first effect which I had opening the window with her blog was the one of visiting a very neat place, I'm sure it also reflects her way of thinking and living.
Reading her posts, I found a mild pleasant way of writing, with really effective titles for entries.
I love her digital signature at the end of every entry, it's made with a familiar font.
The appearence of this blog gives the idea that the owner is surely someone who gives room to communication, also thanks to a Twitter widget where to follow her every day and a Cbox tagboard where to read and leave comments in freedom.
For me the best comes with the entry written on April 9th, 2008: MommyBa wrote about her scrapbooking creations! I just found another woman with my same passion, it's incredible.
In fact, in the left upper part of her blog, she added the link to her digiscraps, that's how I discovered a fantastic digiscrapper who create wonderful digital layouts in a very girlish style!

I'm very happy about this "pay dirt", I absolutely have to contact MommyBa to share life experiences and scrapbooking ideas, I found her blog very familiar and friendly.