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Sunday, July 13, 2008

28th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge

Even if during this week I was busy, today I found some moments to scrap and voilà my creation for the 28th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge, this time scrappers had to prepare a page with free topic, but using material such as tissue, cork and so on.

I chosed to use two postcards of Bologna, which I bought some months ago from a newsdealer just with the idea of using them for a layout.

The title recalls, in Italian, my latest entry at "TheItalianVoice" blog, I wrote an hilarious and educational list of points to use about "How to know that you live in Bologna or province, Italy".

I didn't write the journaling, because I used some scraps where I've written some of the points of my list.

About the material, I used a sort of "flowering" vellum paper by Esprimo (line of paper napkins for découpage) which I glued in the central part of the page and some flowers in felt by Equatoriale and in tissue by Stamperia; I also used the green glittered powder by Country Decor with the glue to create some sparkling doodlings, two paper clips, two green letters of the alphabet (die cut style) and a flower-shaped brad by Stamperia.

A couple of details of the page:

Now I'm a bit in a hurry, but in the next days I'll tell you some nice news. Have a nice Sunday afternoon and evening and see you soon, ciao!


Vinie said...

Très jolie page!

Franny said...

très jolie avec encore de belles cartes de l'italie que j'aime
plein de bizzzes
pas tout compris pour ton mail tu veux que je fasse quoi exactement?

sofiso said...

une page très gaie !! merci Desi !!:)

sollie said...

LOvely page, Desi!! We are busy with the moving. They delivered the kitchen this morning.
xxx, Isolde

sollie said...

Hi Desi, we were renting the old flat so now it's on the market for someone else who wants to rent it.
xx, Isolde