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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Travel Voter will make you happy!

Today I want to let you discover a very nice website. If you are still undecided about where to travel in this period of the year, I am sure that will be able to help you!!

Travel Voter is a social travel bookmarking website and a travel content voting system; after a quick registration, people can submit their stories with all the suggestions about the place which they want to propose and they can be voted by readers if appreciated.

There you can find every sort of destination, they are recorded by category of travel, so that you will have a lot of choices for all your needs; for example, it is very easy to find stories about discount travels, prepaid visa travel card, travel deals, travel channel, air travel, travel insurance, travel tips, last minute travels, travel guides, cheap travels and so on.
The website also offers the tag cloud with the most searched words or sentences, I am sure it can be a very useful tool for the visitors.

Just under the widget which shows the visitors of the Travel Voter's community at MyBlogLog, it is great to discover a wonderful service, which is represented by the "watch Travel videos" link, it connects you with a nice selection of travel videos from Youtube.

What are you waiting for?
If you are deciding where to spend your summer vacation or your next winter holidays, run to visit Travel Voter and get informed on travel guides directly by people with this great social travel bookmarking.
I absolutely think that Travel Voter will make you happy!


Samuel said...

If do you like travel you will love this blog:

Desi said...

@ Samuel: thanks for the suggestion, I hope you appreciated my review.