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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Shopping is helping me a bit

I'm trying to keep myself busy during the day, while waiting to hear my boyfriend and while sending my CV, but it's very hard.

This morning I woke up with the idea of doing shopping for myself and to take the chance to buy some stuffs which have something to do with my friend's wedding at the beginning of September.
I drove my car to the Hobby & Legno shop, which is quite close to the shopping centre where I used to work in 2004 and where I sent my job application in the past days.

I don't know why, but lately I'm inspired by stamping together with scrapbooking.
Well, today I found very nice rubber stamps and other great products. I felt guilty because I don't like to spent money when I don't work, but I ended up thinking that it'd be one of the possible methods to feel a bit better in this period, as my shopping is often strictly related to my hobbies, so it can keep my mind busy and creative at the same time.

I found some images of the products which I bought today, I spent almost 40 Euros, b,ut it's been worth the while.

wooden alphabet

3D stickers

paper flowers

heart-shaped chipboard album

rubber stamps

page decorations

Now I can't wait to prepare a nice card or a nice page for my friend's wedding, I absolutely need to think about different things in these days or I'll go crazy (it's such a hard period for me because everything is pending and unsure)!


sollie said...

Hi Desi,
Those stamps (and other things) look very beautiful. I'm sure you'll create lots of beautiful pages and cards with it. I started scrapbooking yesterday but didn't finish the page. Didn't have any inspiration left.
Love, Isolde

Anonymous said...

Great new scrap items! =)

sollie said...

Love your new background, my dear!! You can change your items in blogspot so that your text is more visable. I had to do the same. Just try some things and you'll see what happens.
Oh yes, I updated with new pics on my blog.
Love, isolde

Franny said...

super ma copine ça va te faire du bien donne moi de tes nouvelels
je t'embrasse

Franny said...

plus de nouvelles?? j'espère que tu vas bien
je suis un peu inquiète
bisous bisous

sollie said...

How are you my friend?? I'm worried because I don't see you on msn anymore and you don't update your blog.
Hope you are fine.
xxx, Isolde

FlavoursofItaly said...

This is such a cute blog! Thanks for your kind comments, hopefully see you in Italy soon!

Franny said...

coucou ma copine merci pour ton passage sur mon blog mais je ne peux pas accéder au tien dis moi vite comment faire

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scrapbooking said...

All these stuffs are perfect
for scrapbooking, especialy
the letters and the 3D stickers.
Great material!

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