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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shopping mood for scrapbooking and flat

On Friday morning I had my car's revision and fortunately all was ok, I didn't want to pay again a lot of money like two years ago.

After that, I went to visit a hobby store near Bologna which sells also furniture for the house. Yep, we're still looking for the right kitchen sink!
Tommaso says that the one in ceramic is too fragil, he'd like to buy a sink in granitek, but we need to look for the best price because we obviously don't want to spend money without reasons.
Anyway, I found something at the Hobby&Legno store, the seller said that it'll take at least 3 weeks to get it because they have to order it so, when my boyfriend comes home during the first week of July, we'll have to decide what to do.

When I was into the store, I discovered something wonderful: a special area dedicated to scrapbooking!!! Can you imagine my joy?
You know, I used to visit two shops which sold scrapbooking products, one near me and one in Bologna, but both of them closed lately and I was just wondering where I'll make my purchases; yes, I can always order them online, but I guess it'd be better to look at them directly and to choose them personally.
So I didn't have to buy nothing on Friday morning, but I couldn't resist and spent €34 in scrapbooking products, hihihih =)
These ones are my purchases:

The following papers have the peculiarity to be double-face, they're very beautiful, but until today I wondered how could I use all them without losing something...well, today I realized that, if I put all the layouts into the page protectors as usually, I can simply use both of their faces to scrap, so that I'll have immediately 2 layouts to put into a page protector every idea!
Here it comes first one face and then the other one of the same papers:

Now I'm thinking that I'll absolutely have to buy at least a box where to store all my ready-to-use layouts; I don't need anything else, because I already have a roller cab and two boxes for the other products, but they're not enough large to store the 30x30 layouts.
The basic idea is to buy something at the Ikea store obviously, this morning I looked up the website and I found different solutions, but I'm not sure about the best one.
What would you choose for yourself? Maybe the last one which is open and can store every size of paper....

Kassett (it'd be a clothes box)

Lingo (it'd be a box for the office)

Spontan (it'd be a magazine rack)

I'll think about it, but I'd really appreciate your opinion, I'm so much indecisive =P

I really have to go now, have a nice end of weekend and see you soon, ciao!!

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Franny said...

tu vas en faire de jolies choses