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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Enjoying life and exciting news for August

I'm living very stressful days because of the upcoming first part of the relocation, because the new Ikea kitchen arrived ahead of its time at the new flat and part of the furniture had manufacturing faults so that, during the day of the first part of the relocation, my mother and I will go to the Ikea Store in Genoa to substituted the damaged pieces.
In addition, the old tubes of our bathroom here are causing again problems, in fact they provoked another leak at the neighbours' ceiling beneath and now the water is completely closed into the bathroom to understand where's the problem (I hope it isn't into the kitchen here) and I can't use it, plus my boyfriend will come tomorrow for a week; fortunately, my parents live two block of flats ahead us, every time we need it we'll have to use their bathroom...unbelievable!
In all this bad situation, these infernal hot temperatures evidently weren't enough!

Anyway, I decided to take it easy, because life is good and I'm young, don't you think? I guess this is the right mood to face my days, otherwise I'd really crack!!
Today, after a moment of confusion and a few little tears, I put on my new big pair of sunglasses and smiled at me into the mirror =) Hahaha, am I a trendy girl?

I also have another wonderful news item to tell you, which made me feel so much excited and I really hope it'll become true.
My mother and foster father will be on holiday from July 30th to August 17th and in the first 10 days of their vacation will travel to Northern France and Belgium. If the works at the new flat won't be finished yet, which I guess so because the kitchen is almost ready but not the other rooms yet, I'll......go with them!!!!!!!
I've never been to Belgium and for me it'll be a great opportunity to visit that Country, but especially to meet my friends =) how exciting!!
I think immediately about my dear Isolde, but also about Nessa and all the other scrappers who I met thanks to this blog, I'd be happy to know you in person and to chat/laugh/walk/scrap a lot, so please let me know if you'll be available for a meeting at the beginning of August.

Now I really have to go, I want to pack something else into the boxes for the upcoming relocation and it's almost time for dinner. Have a nice beginning of week and see you soon, ciao my friends!

1 comment:

Nessa said...

tu viens en belgique miss? contente de l'apprendre
je ne sais pas encore quels seront mes projets à ce moment là mais si je suis dispo je te tiens au courant, bien evidemment! quel plaisir
gros bisous